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Elephant facts


Asian elephant in Luang Prabang - Laos

There are three different elephants' species: two African - the savannah and the forest elephant & the third one is the Asian elephant.

Elephant is a massive animal but not as dangerous as you might think, learn more about this sweet animal...


The elephant is an intelligent, hygienic, polite, honest and patient animal. Elephants have an excellent memory.

They can feel which area is soft and which area is hard enough to walk or not.

Mother elephants do love their baby elephants. If a baby elephant dies, the mother elephant will be really sad. In addition some mothers will cry and even will not eat for a long time.


Asian elephant in Laos - Elephant Park Project

Some figures about Asian elephants:


- Eat up to 250 kg green leaves per day (they are vegetarian)

- Drink 200 litres of water per day

- Weigh 3 to 3,5 tons (but males can weigh up to 5 tons)

- Can carry about 600 kg on their back

- Reach puberty at 13 or 14 years old

- May live up to 85 years old (if they do not work too hard. If they work hard they will early die between 40 and 50 years, like human beings)

- Have more than 40,000 muscles in the trunk

The Asian elephant is smaller than its African counterpart. It has smaller ears.

Typically only males have large external tusks.



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Asian elephant - bath in the river - Elephant Park Project


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