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Objectives of the Elephant Village and Elephant Park Project

in Luang Prabang


Founder with Elephant at Elephant Village, Laos

The Elephant Park Project initiative at the Elephant Village in Luang Prabang has clear objectives in the work with Elephants and tourists in Luang Prabang, Laos. The first set of aims concerns the protection, preservation and conservation of Asian elephants especially in Laos. The second one intends to support the local communities which are connected with the project outside of Luang Prabang in the project area. The initiative in cooperation with Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures has gained high reputation and helps both, animals and men to achieve a better life!


Concerning the Asian elephants in Laos the
Elephant Park Project, Elephant Village is working to:

Elephant project, an elephant adventure for visitors- Providing medical care for the Elephants

- Protect the Asian elephants, which are endangered species, especially here in Laos.

- Preservation with hands-on-activities in cooperation with local communities.

- Free elephants from brutal logging work and offering them a comfortable retirement and better future in tourism activities

- Help elephants with professional medical care and experienced mahouts to ensure their well being (elephants keepers)

- Provide selected and nutritious food for the elephants while they stay in the elephant camp through feeding programs and daily delivery

- Provide the elephants with a natural environment around Luang Prabang near water, rivers, streams and forest.


One of the mandates of the "Elephant Village" is to rescue ill-treated and overworked elephants from logging and to provide them with a home where they can spend the last of their days in peaceful retirement.   The elephants we buy are often very sick upon arrival, and sadly, not all are able to make a complete recovery from their days of trauma and abuse.


the Elephant Park Project supports also the locals
Concerning the local economy, the "Elephant Village":

- The Elephant Village and Project in Luang Prabang supports the village economy and the rural development by buying food to the local farmers to feed the elephants (1 elephant eats about 200 kg per day)

- The Elephant Village provides jobs for locals from the surrounding villages: like Mahouts, local activity guides, farmers, boat drivers, maintenance staff, cooks and waitresses… The team now has about 30 staff members in the field

- The Elephant Village and project funds activities in the neighboring village Xiem Lom. It also includes regular support to the local school.

- Create and manage a new tourist attraction for Luang Prabang

From a general point of view our project provides a good example of sustainable tourism and how to successfully link conservation with tourism.





All tours booked via Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures and including elephant riding, Elephant safari, Elephant adventure tours, trekking, biking and water sports activities benefit the communities in the area. About 40 % of the money collected for elephant riding is investing directly into the Elephant Park Project and the activities of the Elephant Village.

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By booking an elephant ride at the Elephant Park Project, you are contributing to the well being of Asian elephants in Laos and you support the elephant protection and conservation… YOU make the difference!!